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We are Friedmans Microwave Ovens and Garage doors! Welcome! We're dedicated to providing you the best possible shopping experience


Microwave Ovens

We carry a wide range of famous brands of microwave ovens. Call us at 888-449-6386 or e-mail us to let us know what you're looking for, or to ask any question at all.


Things with Lids

Betty Crocker Microwave Steamer

Cook your way to tastier and healthier vegetables with this steaming set. Microwave steaming is the best way to preserve your vegetables' natural vitamins and minerals!


Pans & Racks

Nordic Ware Round 2-sided Bacon Grill

Perfect for turntables! Use to make healthier bacon...the fat just drips away. Also a good way to defrost or reheat more evenly.




The Best of Microwave Cooking from Friedmans

Learn from those who know microwaves best -- the people of Friedmans! From appetizer to main course to dessert, you'll find dozens of recipes, some of which are sure to become new favorites.



Joyce Chen Scissors

Bar none the best scissors for kitchen and more. Snip the ends off of green beans, or slice effortlessly through chicken bones, then wash them in the dishwasher.

Garage Doors

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